Monday, August 31, 2009

He brings out the Chicano in me......

Mondays with Harry
Sometimes coffee
sometimes wine.
Don't see him often,
but when I do he's always able to help me make
sense of my nonsense.

He brings the Chicano out in me.
and I feel proud,
to be me.

I am on this Chicano film kick.
Watched Zootsuit last night.
Most of it, but passed out towards the end.

Woke up to Xochilt pawing my face.
I screamed.
She scared me.
Sometimes I forget I have a cat.

Through Harry I met Robert,
who did the original set for Zootsuit.(Paulina's ex...hehee)
Robert said he'd help me with my set. Once I finish my play.

Crazy to think that the Sleepy Lagoon trial was held at
what is now BFA (Carmen Zapata Theater).

Manny told me, I couldn't believe it. I had to Google it.
"I knew it!" I told Manny.

I could feel the energy everywhere;
from the dressing room to the stage.
I knew that place was special.
So much history.

I fell in love there once,
broke my heart and broke my tooth.
Harry knows, I told him.
Screamed and cried it in one of his videos after breakfast.
Blueberry pancakes and two shots of Patron.

That space should be run by some Chicanos
not some Cuban lesbians.
(nothing against the Cubans or the lesbians)
I just want that space.

Next on my list of Chicano flicks is Walkout,
want to see who played Harry and how.
Don't remember Harry being too excited about it.
Said no one asked to use his name.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Santa Monica Pier

Rent is high,

but I save in gas, walk to work.

Bike for groceries, and cab it from the Main St. bars.

On nights like tonight

when I get to walk down Ocean Park Blvd.

down the beach, and hike up to the pier.

I don't mind the bourgie people,

being alone, or miss my small town.

A lit beach, a dancing pier to the beats of "Lowrider".

I forget that earlier today I was worried about influeza A,

or the swine flu, and don't pass on the,


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Friday, August 14, 2009

Tonight Friday Night

It's Friday evening.....have to get ready for tonight.
Made my boss pinky promise "no drunk calls" me to her, and in my head to me.
Estoy faceboqueado haber si veo a mi peor es nada. Y nada.
En cambio me encuentro con el chico de los chocolates ricos y flores de jardin.
Pero no es mi tipo.
"I think I am gonna have me some Korean bbq XOCHILT!!!!"
2Xs she knocks over Bebe's cage.
Seeds, water, green caca, and a bird flying into walls.
Me with no vacuum.
I don't think Master Kim would appreciate me yelling that......
he lives off water, nuts, and meditation.
Like my bird?
I am going to the club, but I am not wearing heels.
My mini black dress with my chanclas.