Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Being single doesn’t suck
Dating sucks.
You put yourself out there and it’s what comes back at you that’s kind of freaky.

They met, they connected
he was all over her.
“She said hold on baby, let’s take things slow”
Not because she didn't want him or it
because sometimes you just want "it"
and then they act surprise and turn you down.What? Too aggresive are we?

They met through her boss and she needed so play it safe.
And it went like this:

First date!
Dinner at Vittorio’s restaurant in Venice
A glass of wine, ok maybe two
Another drink at the Viceroy
Ended back at his place
No heavy petting
Just some light kissing
She laid on his couch
the long way
Him at other end
Massaging and kissing her feet
She liked it
Better than the pedicure foot rub she’d gotten earlier that afternoon
He sucked her toes
a little weird
First date, to early for toe sucking
Then it happened
he pulled it out
whipped it out
She just watched
Like watching one of of Harry's
performance art videos at the LACMA
or sitting high through a Jodorowsky flick
He tugged and jerked it,
between her feet and toes
until he finished
poor Patitas
violated, left in a state of shock
Her feet numb
splattered with
sticky, icky, thick white toe jam.