Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I like my bedtime
I like my pjs
I like my paper filled floor
I like it only sometimes
I like to listen to Sade
I like to write on flash cards
and I put on make up
and I try on different clothes
and I dress up like Frida
and I dress up like a chola
and I dress up like Coco Chanel
and I dress up like Gulieta Masino
almost always I like to dress up
almost always tears of tequila drown me
almost always in a solitude
and it’s bitter
and it’s hunger pains
and it’s about love
and it’s never ending
and it’s never growing up
I feel you
I feel me
I feel Josephine’s replacement
I feel jealous
and confused
and rainbows
are so sacred
are so scarce
are so scared
I can’t see them
I can’t find them
I can’t ride them
I can’t fall in love
with them
with you
with me
and I can dream
and I can believe
and I can be
I like my bedtime
I like my nightmares
I like to catch the sneaky spiders