Friday, August 14, 2009

Tonight Friday Night

It's Friday evening.....have to get ready for tonight.
Made my boss pinky promise "no drunk calls" me to her, and in my head to me.
Estoy faceboqueado haber si veo a mi peor es nada. Y nada.
En cambio me encuentro con el chico de los chocolates ricos y flores de jardin.
Pero no es mi tipo.
"I think I am gonna have me some Korean bbq XOCHILT!!!!"
2Xs she knocks over Bebe's cage.
Seeds, water, green caca, and a bird flying into walls.
Me with no vacuum.
I don't think Master Kim would appreciate me yelling that......
he lives off water, nuts, and meditation.
Like my bird?
I am going to the club, but I am not wearing heels.
My mini black dress with my chanclas.

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