Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lost Xica

Looking for a thirty year old, smart, good looking, Latina, long hair, but always pinned up. Has a full time job and drives a small car. She loves her cat. Is single, highly independent rarely needs anything from men. She goes to church on Saturday afternoons before dinner with friends or coming home to a book and a toke. Last seen leaving her house early morning on a Monday in black heels a nice work suit and wearing a strand of imperfect pearls.


In bed hung over, disheveled at midafternoon. Puffy eyed looking chica with sticky hair from last night’s vomit. She’s jobless and soon maybe homeless. She wakes and bakes and then showers. She doesn’t shave her legs mostly because she’s too high. She is constantly facebooking, texting a guy from the central valley and calling a guy from NoHo. She yells at her cat and no longer fears earthquakes.

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